Hi Merciful HELP Center, I'm Stan Murzyn.
I'd love to work with you!
Why Non-Profit?
Non-profit work has been a foundational part of my professional experience, and it's something I'd like to return to again. I've prepared a brief overview of my experience and what I bring to the table.
Correlating Roles
I have spent over four years serving the homeless of New York City, primarily in leadership positions. I have spent 3 full years in national service to non-profits, government organizations, and relief efforts, two in leadership. And as a creative consultant for the past four years, I channel the 'do more with less' mantra every non-profit lives each day. 
Primary Skillsets
• Customer-Facing Roles - Between my non-profit history and my entrepreneurial work as a consultant, my functional relationship with the consumer (or client) is one of experience management. Setting expectations, troubleshooting, and relationship building are skills that I bring to an account management role. 
• 'Salesperson of Life Changes' - My first job in NYC was outreaching to homeless individuals in the Port Authority Bus Terminal and connecting them with services. Sales isn't about transactions, it's about people. 
• 'The Advocate' INFJ - If you're familiar with Myer-Briggs, this is an accurate representation of my personality. 
• Relational Leadership - In every leadership role, I lead from a place of service. AmeriCorps, Bike&Build, other non-profits--I live and breathe connecting with other people and supporting their dreams. 
 A couple relevant disclosures.
• I went to OLMC during my high school years. 
• In case you or any hiring manager knows my parents (Eric and Loning Murzyn), who still live in the neighborhood and I'd rather not let them know I've applied. I don't want them to get their hopes up!
• Fr. Richard once gave me a recommendation to enter seminary with the Archdiocese of New York. 
Here are some of the relevant organizations I worked with before:
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