Hi Availity, I'm Stan Murzyn.
I think we might be a match! I'd like to explore roles with you.
Why Availity?
Well, you help businesses realize their dreams. From what I can see--JDA is going amazing places in your work, and I want to be part of a growing team! 
Why Me?
Here are four main descriptors of my professional experience:
'Salesperson of Life Changes' - My first job in NYC was outreaching to homeless individuals in the Port Authority Bus Terminal and connecting them with services. I move people along sales cycles in non-profits, leadership, and business development. 
• Experience Management - Between my non-profit history and my entrepreneurial work as a consultant, my functional relationship with the consumer (or client) is one of experience management. Setting expectations, troubleshooting, and relationship building are skills that I bring to an account management role. 
INFJ - Myers-Briggs if you're familiar means that I'm "The Advocate. This quote about my worst possible work environment to be in is accurate to a 'T'. "INFJ: A workplace that exploits honest customers in order to make money and treats its employees like replaceable commodities. (link)"

Here's a referral from one of my on-going contracts:
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