Hi there, I'm Stan Murzyn.
The role your organization is offering excites me! 
Why Grow?
It's something so central to who I am, that I believe I am a competitive candidate for a role in your organization. I've prepared a brief overview of my experience and what I bring to the table.
Correlating Roles
As a solopreneur, I am intimately aware that building a business is no easy task! In my business, I've contracted out my business development out to Roofsimple as an Outside Sales Representative, selling over thirty full roof replacements in an eleven month period. As Business Development lead for C&I photographers, I generated over nineteen wedding photography contracts in under a year of initial growth. 
Primary Skillsets
'Salesperson of Life Changes' - My first job in NYC was outreaching to homeless individuals in the Port Authority Bus Terminal and connecting them with services. Sales isn't about transactions, it's about people. 
Relational Leadership - In every leadership role, I lead from a place of service. AmeriCorps, Bike&Build, other non-profits--I live and breathe connecting with other people and supporting their dreams. 
'The Advocate' INFJ - If you're familiar with Myer-Briggs, this is an accurate representation of my personality. 
• Business Development - The last four years of my professional life have been as an entrepreneur and contractor. In these roles, business development and sales are primary drivers of success. I long for a mission to drive the growth and I believe that serving as Director of Major Gifts would put fuel on that fire in my heart.  
Here are some of the relevant organizations I worked with before:
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