You see enough resumes and horn 'tootin' to fill an ocean. This is the anti-CV. They are greater accomplishments are greater passions than any job. It's what keeps me going each day, it's what keeps me growing. It's also what my jobs enable me to do. 
Family Man
Justina is the most important person in my life. She’s a beautiful singer and an established editor and writer. We have two beautiful children, Florence and Ezra. Flor is destined for the stage and hits notes surprisingly on pitch. Ezra is turning out to be quite sweet and throws his head back in a toothless grin when he notices our gaze.
Amateur Chef
Cooking is a serious part of my life.My brother and I have this thing going call Let’s Cook It Bro’s. It started with a desire to have a cooking show one day, but it’s currently on hiatus while we’re both on the job search. Once we’ve secured our positions—we intend to return to this in full force. Ideally, we’d like to publish our own cookbook one day. 
I ❤️ Creating Art

I learned a long time ago that photography isn't just snapping a photo. It's building connection with the people around you. Whether I’ve been taking photos at a wedding, creating my own art, or doodling around—my creative pursuits never end. It’s my way of capturing some measure of the beauty I see around me to share. 

Once upon a time, I had a motorcycle and it was my life. But then I had kids and realized I couldn't bargain my life against being there for them. So it's been sold and I dream of a day I might have one again. The point however, isn't about bikes. It's about traveling, we love to travel and both my wife and I have spent large portions of our lives nationally and abroad. We've been a little tied down with the kids, but work in our local trips and look forward to when we can bring them to places like Rome, Taiwan, Israel, etc. 
Professional Tinkerer
My wife points out that I always seem to have a project going. Whether that’s starting my own sourdough starter, building a hydroponic grow-bed proof-of-concept on my aquarium, or simply obsessing a bit too much over how to make some process more efficient (“I swear getting a 3D printer will be useful honey!”)—I’m just tinkering around on something cause why not!

Me In One Photo
Maybe this is just over the top, but I'm going to go with it. 

In this photo of me, I see person I am the most, or the person I most want to be. I took this photo in the Red Rocks Wildlife Refuge in Montana while on a conservation backcountry chainsaw assignment for nine days (no showers), I had my motorcycle back in town when I would get back, I was photographing on an old Nikon film camera, and little did I know--I had just met my future wife. It's the moment so much of my life changed. It's like looking at the crease at the fold in a single page--dividing one side from the other. 

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