Hi there, I'm Stan Murzyn.
The role your organization is offering excites me! 
Non-profit work has been a foundational part of my professional experience, and it's something I'd like to return to again. I've prepared a brief overview of my experience and what I bring to the table.
Mission drives my work. 
It is motivated by my personal and professional goal to promote understanding between world communities. We are far more alike than many realize. I want to help people see that.
Good work requires good planning.
My work in non-profit work has by and large been in leadership roles. Without a good plan in place--how can we expect that the work will get done. Moreover, how can we ensure that the working environment for our staff is one where they are empowered to grow. 
A good ear is an active one.
There's no way to be able to get effective work down without actively listening. To whom? Those we serve, lead, and mentor. Without a concrete understanding of what the internal objectives of primary stakeholders of the mission. I setup and maintain those feedback loops for constant improvement. 
Here are some of the relevant organizations I worked with before:
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