Hi Pivot Marketing, I'm Stan Murzyn.
I'd like to work with you! I think we might be a good fit for each other. 
Why Pivot Marketing?
Well, you help businesses realize their dreams! Pivot seems to be doing a great job and I want to be on the team! (I loved the case study on Oliver Wines. My mom loves the rose.)
How Can I Help? 
Client-centered experience management has been a foundational part of my professional and volunteer work. My professional life has been directed at empowering others to realize their potential, specifically by using my creative talents. 
It's something so central to who I am and I believe that I am a competitive candidate for a Creative, Account, or Project role in your organization. I've prepared a brief overview of my experience and what I bring to the table.
What I'm Passionate About
Food. No seriously, I love food. Check this out: https://www.instagram.com/letscookitbros/

Primary Skillsets
'Salesperson of Life Changes' - My first job in NYC was outreaching to homeless individuals in the Port Authority Bus Terminal and connecting them with services. I move people along sales cycles in non-profits, leadership, and business development. 
• Customer-Facing Roles - Between my non-profit history and my entrepreneurial work as a consultant, my functional relationship with the consumer (or client) is one of experience management. Setting expectations, troubleshooting, and relationship building are skills that I bring to an account management role. 
INFJ - Myers-Briggs if you're familiar means that I'm "The Advocate. This quote about my worst possible work environment to be in is accurate to a 'T'. "INFJ: A workplace that exploits honest customers in order to make money and treats its employees like replaceable commodities. (link)"
• Relational Leadership - In every leadership role, I lead from a place of service. AmeriCorps, Bike & Build, other non-profits--I live and breathe connecting with other people and supporting their dreams.

Here's a referral from one of my on-going contracts:
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